Health is Health Nothing “Mental” About It

by awkwardlyaverage

I wanna take a minute here to talk about Mental Health

*pause for screams of horror, awkward shifts in eye contact and hesitant coughing*

Yeah, its awkward. I’ve already said thats what Im all about… but why? Why is mental health hushed up? Why when you approach people about it immediate buzzwords such as ‘depression’ ‘panic attacks’ ‘suicide’ spring to mind, and yet when you talk about dieting words like ‘lifestyle change’ ‘healthy’ and ‘clean eating’ come to mind?


I’ll tell you a story, I was working for a company I loved (or thought I did), thought I loved my job, loved my team. Did not get on well with my Regional Manager, but pretty small issue on the grand scheme of things. I thought I was happy. However I was avoiding friends, preferring to stay at home in bed then see people, my partner and I barely saw each other, and drinking. A lot. Not enough to cause family to worry, or even myself to worry, but enough that looking back I can acknowledge that at the time, I was not mentally healthy.

This is the part that people seem to have a problem with “are you depressed?” they asked. No, no I am not, and I was not, not as far as my understanding of depression goes. But this is the problem with mental health, it isn’t a yes or no, you aren’t ‘depressed’ or ‘healthy’ its a sliding scale and you need to look after yourself. I was not mentally healthy. I was in a bad state and was mentally unhealthy and therefore became physically unhealthy. That’s the key here, healthy buzz words regarding food are in, removing ‘good’ and ‘bad’ from food is in, clean eating is in. So lets go hand in hand with our lifestyle changes a mental change, lets stop thinking ‘bad’ and ‘depressed’ and start thinking about ‘healthy’, ‘clean thinking’ and ‘positivity’.